All students who register for martial arts tuition with the International Silambam and Kuthuvarisai Federation (ISKF) are obliged to abide by the Terms and Conditions set out below and sign the acknowledgment declaration prior to commencing tuition.


Silambam and Kuthuvarisai are traditional Tamil martial arts and an intrinsic part of Tamil culture. Students are expected to demonstrate respect towards all aspects of Silambam and Kuthuvarisai at all times. Respect the Guru, respect the Art, respect the Gurukulam, respect the tools/weapons, respect the Self are the fundamental to learn these martial arts. Students are expected to maintain discipline in their behaviour when practising at all times, and to abide by the guidance of their Guru and the Terms and Conditions of the ISKF.

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted at any time.

Students are not permitted to smoke within any area of the Gurukulam.

Drugs of any nature are not permitted.

Master Jothi Senthil Kannan reserves the right to request a student to cease tuition and leave the Gurukulam if he deems their behaviour to be inappropriate to the learning of Silambam and Kuthuvarisai.


Students embark upon Silambam and Kuthuvarisai training at their own risk on the understanding that Silambam and Kuthuvarisai is a potentially dangerous activity and may cause injury.

Students accept that neither Master Jothi Senthil Kannan nor the International Silambam and Kuthuvarisai Federation will be held responsible for any injuries caused during tuition or practice. Master Jothi Senthil Kannan, in his capacity as a registered Siddha doctor will administer medicinal and healing treatment in the event of an injury where applicable. Should further treatment of any kind be required outside of Master Jothi Senthil Kannan’s care, any expenses incurred will be met by the student.

Students have a duty to take care of their health and to maintain discipline in their practice of Silambam and Kuthuvarisai.


Each student is required to pay a fee advance, (amount to be determined between the ISKF and student depending on number of hours of tuition), on commencement of Silambam and Kuthuvarisai tuition. This deposit will be deducted from the total fee amount. The ISKF reserves the right to request a fee advance for other fees also if necessary.


All fees must be settled in full prior to the end of a student’s stay at the ISKF Gurukulam


From time to time, the ISKF records students and classes for media release. The ISKF requires students to grant their permission to use photos and /or video footage in brochures, videos and other promotional material.


The ISKF will not share a student’s email address or personal details with any other party. All details received will be maintained confidentially and are for the sole purposes of the ISKF.